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2009 Art and Essay Contest

Art Contest Awards (3rd - 5th Grades)

  • Honorable Mention
  • 3rd Place
    • "Energy and Transportation Development in Texas"
      By Brandon Eppers
      3rd Grade
      Roland Reynolds Elementary
      Kathy Dodd, Teacher
    • "Dewey"
      By Rodrigo Lopez-Arteaga
      4th Grade
      The Woodlands Perparatory School
      Sherry Morris-Imhoff, Teacher
    • "Untitled"
      By Ray Midgett
      5th Grade
      Brazos Elementary
      Lindsey Hlavinka, Teacher
    • "Painting Electricity"
      By Shay Rodgers
      4th Grade
      Cornerstone Christian Academy
      Diane Hartman & Johnece Marchbanks, Teachers
    • "Bio Dance"
      By Austin Tockey
      4th Grade
      The Woodlands Preparatory School
      Linda Johnson, Teacher
  • 2nd Place
    • "Sunken Discovery"
      By Kaylee Downs
      3rd Grade
      Alton Elementary
      Bette Tofel, Teacher
    • "From Tin Can to Satellite"
      By Paul Ponzio
      5th Grade
      Johnson Elementary
      Kristi Hancock, Teacher
    • "Hubble: Everyone's Telescope"
      By Chris Welch
      4th Grade
      Welch Home School
      Melanie Welch, Teacher
    • "Made in America"
      Team Project By 4th Graders
      Burton Elementary
      Bette Supak, Teacher
      Victoria Bostam
      Maria Casas
      Ebony Hinze
      Maci Hohlt
      Edgar Jesus Lozano Lopez
      Riley Lucherk
      Austin Lynch
      Amanda Martinez
      Allison Rosenbaum
      Blaire Smith
      Cheyenne Dawn Trevino

  • 1st Place
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